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Black Deity - Black Deity LP

Black Deity - Black Deity LP

Bad Habit Records

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Brisbane punk had a real golden era in the early/mid 2010s. The explosion of the more commercial side of hardcore in the 2000s had made 100s of teenagers aware of hardcore and the accessibility of the internet and explosion of obscure punk blogs had drawn them past the bigger rock star type bands into the weird and wild world of underground punk. Brisbane was also lucky enough to have a loose all ages venue that showed kids what total madness was possible once all the grown ups/businessmen types left the room and let the real heads run wild.

Out of that era came some total world class hardcore. Shackles, Last Chaos and Sick People were all total powerhouses in this era. There was one more band. A total sore thumb in the hardcore scene, but just as important and vital. That band was Black Deity. Some drug damaged maniacs playing bluesy punk. They still had cats going crazy and, personally, I saw them a bunch of times high as shit, and they always blew me away.

Black Deity released a Demo and 7", recorded an album, played a bunch of shows, drunk a bunch of beers, pulled a bunch of cones, took a bunch of pills then broke up. With the LP never coming out.

Now 10 years later, finally, the album can see the light of day.

Nine songs of sleazy blues punk tunes about self destruction and love and love lost. Think Black Sabbath for an obvious comparison, or Sir Lord Baltimore, Pentagram or Mayblitz to be little bit more specific. But it's not some goofball retro rubbish. This is still a punk band. They pretty much only played hardcore shows.

The songs slink along like some creeper that's too charismatic and too much of a good time to get kicked out when they cross the line or shit themselves or climb on the roof and fall off. - Bad Habit Records