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Bitch Prefect - Bird Nerds LP

Bitch Prefect - Bird Nerds LP

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Bird Nerds was a core album in my listening habits when it came out a decade ago and revisiting it this morning it still holds up!

Sure, I may not be of the age anymore that I have to deal with university right wing punishers or am wistfully thinking of escaping my hometown. But there’s something in there that crosses social realist songwriting with a weird semi-surreal bend that still feels relevant (I forgot how good a song about a horse apologising for losing a race could actually be). 

And that’s not to say anything about how even though it’s for all intents and purpose a “jangly” record, how refreshing and odd so many of the arrangements are, with weird phasers on the guitars, rougher recording techniques, and a freedom to playing that comes with a certain amateurishness. All timer!