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Birds Of Maya - Valdez LP

Birds Of Maya - Valdez LP

Drag City

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Birds of Maya are back after a considerable absence with another LP of face-melters recorded in 2014 and seemingly forgotten about til now. This is top shelf Stooges-worship riffage that incorporates the typical fuzzed out, big amp guitar energy, but also faithfully pays homage to the nuance and deep grooves of the Ashetons. 

Naysayers will see this release as some sort of starry eyed nostalgia for what we’re told are the now bygone days of psych rock. Even though this album as recorded 8 years ago, it seems to be a forgotten bridge between back then and the current day guitar heroics of the New Haven scene (Headroom, Mountain Movers, Stefan Christiansen) or Astute Palate. (Or for the more locally minded, one to file alongside those Dead Farmers LPs!)

Enough to make me want to rush back to a rehearsal space or garage and annoy the neighbours ASAP!!!
-Mitch (Repressed Records)