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Basic Human - Adult Baby 7"

Basic Human - Adult Baby 7"

Meat Spin

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Featuring members of Sydney outfits CALL COMPATIBLE, MUM, THE BABY and PHONE (among many other projects including BB & The Blips, Dry Finish, Family, Onani and more), they bring together a set of disparate influences to land somewhere on the punk/psych/rock continuum. They're structurally experimental, work in the depths of repetition and worship the ring out - as heard on the 2018 'Cassette' tape, also released on Meatspin.

This 7" was produced by Andrew 'ENDERIE' McLellan from recordings taken in a converted Western Sydney squash court, and that strange combination of factors brings the size and scope the band reach towards into three strange and powerful tracks.

'Adult Baby' featured on the 2018 cassette tape, but is now sped up AND lengthened to cram the record's A-Side. A critique of the entitled, an ode to repetition, and a dip into the band's more psych-leaning moments with 'that' extended bridge from their live set showing up as a meltdown more than a breakdown.