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Aymeric de Tapol - Lost In The Shell LP

Aymeric de Tapol - Lost In The Shell LP

Knotwilg Records

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Aymeric De Tapol possess a warm & natural feel to their rhythmic pop-compositions. I immediately feel at home with their sound, and yet I’m struggling to pull any comparisons out of my behind.

I think it’s because they feel ‘of’ an approach, rather than a concrete sound. In particular the hooked-on-Harmonia, moving away from ‘noise‘, “weird-punk” adjacent world I encountered about 15 years ago.

This could mean a Chooch-a-bahn show in Chippendale, Blues Control or a post-The Skaters project. Saying that, there’s no No Wave shronk or reclamation of New Age music here, prepare for plucky rhythms with oddly/expertly arranged synth/voice works on top.
- Nic

Limited run of 200 copies