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AXE - 1300 AD CS

AXE - 1300 AD CS

Under Heat

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From Under Heat... PRANKED YA! This isn't a long lost 80s power metal masterpiece you silly goose! This is AXE (All capitols required)

AXE is a group of refined persons based out of Berkeley, CA all the way in the United States of America. They clearly house a large collection of illegally recorded cassettes by The Screamers , Leeches, and X synth punk band. It's Synth Punk but this aint your general value cassette muncher band, oh no no no child

In every way Axe in minimalist it's massive, it bates in a sense of contradictory anger with the dueling vocalists fighting to see who can break the most wine glasses with their voice to a soundtrack to the best sci fi horror you've never seen. And theres a fucking Enya cover, A FUCKING ENYA COVER. If this doesn't get you exited you need some surgery

This record will make your speakers 5D, this record will kill your high school bully, this record will find remastered Screamers studio recordings in your closet. It will do it all! Fuck metalheads, I'm a AXEHEAD