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Alien Nosejob - Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP

Alien Nosejob - Once Again The Present Becomes The Past LP

Anti Fade

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A cynical view of prolific creative output in 2020 is that it's a bi-product of the ascendance of online platforms and sociopathic 'influencers' resulting in subconscious want to "drop" more "tent" (web speak for content) to stay relevant.

While those who adopt a hyperactive approach to creative output usually means a thinning of ideas-per-release, there are exceptions.

With Alien Nosejob each release becomes more idea-dense. Jake (aka ANJ), lays the concepts and music influences out in the liner notes. Surprisingly, it’s an album that started life as a concept record about Australia’s first and largest air raid, the 1942 Bombing Of Darwin.

While I have not fully grappled with the lyrics on this record you can feel a new level of depth, a justified paranoia brought on by personal historic/political conceptualising. The cogs are turning, worlds are blurring.

For fans of Koro, Modern Warfare, Dead Kennedys, Rikk Agnew, Hardcore Devo and CCR. The best ANJ record! - Nic