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Ak Musick - Ak Musick LP

Ak Musick - Ak Musick LP

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'AK Musick' was originally released in 1972 as a private edition of 150 copies on Hans Kumpf's legendary AKM Records label

First ever LP / CD / Digital reissue of this rare Kraut artifact

Radical, freaked-out sound with hints of free-jazz, improv and avant-garde. File next to Anima, Annexus Quam, Albrecht D, Gulda, Nihilist Spasm Band, Nurse With Wound.

AK Musick was an improv collective assembled by Hans Kumpf to 'make music in a very democratic way'. The five players had a classical education but they were also influenced by avant-garde composers like Helmut Lachenmann and Johannes Fritsch.

Their only album, 'AK Musick', was recorded in 1972 at the famous Bauer Studios in just three hours and engineered by Martin Wieland, who had previously worked with Keith Jarrett for the ECM label. Some of the instruments used were: clarinet, cello, oboe, organ, piano, darbuka, tam-tam, ektare, flute, zither. Includes the amazing 'Impro-vision' which sounds like electronic music but using only natural instruments.