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番⻑ TASTE - Summer Nights  CD

番⻑ TASTE - Summer Nights CD


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Summer Nights is the brand new release from the intriguing trio 番長 Taste, consisting of Mark Anderson (Greymouth/ Mysteries of Love, New Zealand), Anthony Guerra (Love Chants/Mysteries of Love, Australia) and mysterious rocker ‘Mariyo’ (Japan). The name 番長 is pronounced ‘Bansho’, so the band name is Bansho Aji/Taste.

This release consists of nearly 20 minutes, split between 6 tracks of raw no-wave, free-noise awesomeness. Like if DNA did a surf record, and so perfectly crude, it makes Smashchords sound like Emerson Lake & Palmer in comparison.

Recorded in February of 2009, the same time as the session that fueled the sold-out I Dischi Del Barone (Sweden) 7" from 2022.

Shack shake struts, snuck into the tucks
of cowlick vowels
on grease frayed towels. Adrift on the seams,
of instamatic dreams,
as sandy pours
and silky drawls,
swirl in lost summer hum, of a night wander sung.

"The best No Wave record of the 21st century, so far." - John Schoen (Pengo / Uncomfortable Communications radio show)