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Tyvek - Overground LP

Tyvek - Overground LP

Ginkgo Records

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Yes!!! The return of Tyvek! One of the most enduring and endearing groups of the last decade or two, who were (quietly) pivotal in shaping the re-emergence of Do-It-Yourself in the reshaping of music communities/collapse of industry post-Global Financial Crisis.

The D-I-Y I mentioned is two pronged: their charmingly scrappy, amatuer enthuasm energy as a result of their learned-on-the-job approach, and in sound a nice whiff of UK DIY post-punk (Desperate Bicycles, Swell Maps, ATV) but with their own Detroit flavour.

For long-time fans, 'Overground' is the Tyvek you know and love, making their most compact effort to date. The gang's reinvigorated and writing hits! For newcomers, if you enjoy the previously mentioned groups, or those on Bloodstains Across The Midwest compilation, or wish Parquet Courts were a bit more wrecked/a bit less Beck, welcome to your new favourite band!!! - Nic