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Trevor - Becoming A Bed LP

Trevor - Becoming A Bed LP


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When he’s not arranging pixels as an inventive/in demand graphic artist, or playing drums in Total Control, or eating, or drinking, or sleeping, or simply striving to surviving, James Vinciguerra aka Trevor aka Trendy Trev is working away at bending electronic music into his own unique form. He’s been at it for at least half a decade now and we’re glad to finally have a full-length record!

Trevor’s approach to synthesized rhythms and textures comes from the Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being) school of thought: a fluid, no effs given approach being both meditative and jarring in unusual ways. Disrespectors of orthodoxy. Non-conformists in a way that is true to their uuuh “creative spirit”, not a reactionary marketing ploy. On the 20th listen now I feel I’m only now unlocking and becoming accustomed to Becoming A Bed.

The sound pieces, spoken sections, Severed Heads-ish synth pop ditties and Butthole Surferian takes on Jungle form an eclectic but unified vision. Something that’s more than a sum of its parts. Good humoured, slightly difficult fun for fans of Siobhan, Nick Klein, Wilted Woman, last year’s Enderie/Call Compatible split, Loose-y Crunché, Container and numerous releases on Altered States Tapes.–Nic