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The Cat & Bells Club - The Cat & Bells Club LP

The Cat & Bells Club - The Cat & Bells Club LP

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The greatest hits of a short lived teenage precursor to The Shadow Ring? I’m there with bells on!

The Cat & Bells Club comprised of bedroom folk on what sounds like a detuned nylon strung guitar, TV or radio samples, a tape recorder, and some pots and pans, Graham Lambkin and Darren Harris compose witty and casual tracks that lyrically dip between the pastoral idealism of UK folkies like the Incredible String Band and Tyrannosaurus Rex but brought up into the realm of early 90s dry humour and post-modern irreverence. 

One for fans of early Smog and Microphones or those looking for a precursor to the experimental folk stylings of Blod & Co. in Gothenburg.