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Space Boozzies - Livin Up The Coast! LP

Space Boozzies - Livin Up The Coast! LP

Outta Space

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It's been business as UNUSUAL for Woy Woy's SPACE BOOZZIES, recording LIVIN' UP THE COAST!, the follow-up to the SOLD OUT debut 12" I FEEL ALRIGHT! in a day session at Sydney's Brain Studios straight after NSW's hard lockdown in 2020.

Originally slotted for late March, the Boozzies rescheduled the trip to COVID COUNTRY, instead whiling away three months sucking on their shiny silver namesake, monitoring the goon levels at BWS as the three-casks-per-shopper rule was rolled out, and enjoying DOUBLE DOLE while that shit lasted.

The previous LP copped a feel from everyone—from Spewy;s mum to Byron Coley of FEEDING TUBE records in Massachusetts, US, who said: "One of the best straight-ahead bursts of Australian punk classicism in quite a while. I love the weird stuff, of course, but the power of the basics is undeniable."

A three-axe thrasher and semi-tribute to Mosrite and Flying V guitars, LIVIN' UP THE COAST! "reeks of irreverence [and] stale beer", as if "The Ventures were a bunch of old pissheads" and "exhumes the Ramones and puts them in a footy jersey and thongs."