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Snooper - Music For Spies 7"

Snooper - Music For Spies 7"

Computer Human

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Nashville can keep Nicole and Keith — we’ll take Snõõper!

Away from the tourist trap honky-tonks, hens night nightmares, and big cash music publishers, Nashville is also home to a thriving DIY punk and garage scene orbiting around the ever-important Drkmttr venue.

The first people that I remember trying to explain that chain/egg punk meme to me were Nashvillians, so it feels fitting that Sydney’s Computer Human Records have offered up this example of top shelf egg from that city that may have otherwise flown under our radar.

Four hits of short, scuzzy, lo-fi garage punk that jitter through sheets of tape noise and never let up, Snõõper write the kind of music that soundtrack the hyper-active dual brain rush and fog of drinking one of those absurdly large Red Bull cans. One to spin alongside RFMC’s ‘Reader’ single from earlier this year! -Mitch