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Slugfuckers - Transformational Salt LP

Slugfuckers - Transformational Salt LP

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It often feels like there’s a cult of seriousness that surrounds so much post-punk, like the humour of proto- and 77’ punk was cast off as too childish and abandoned for self-serious, Romantic or ‘theoretical’ explorations on the edges of rock music. Listening to this reissue of Slugfuckers’ only LP, it’s hard to ignore how the album drips with an irreverent humour.

Recorded in Sydney at the M-Squared ‘studio’ in early 1981 with the assistance of Severed Heads’ Tom Ellard, Slugfuckers bridged a gap between the lurching guitar-based post-punk and the plunderphonics inflected industrial music of the era.

While (according to the liner notes) the band were labelled as “French philosophy shouted over noise,” you can hear the band taking the piss, almost tripping over themselves as they rattle off everything they are “immune” to, or reject “your revolution.” The kind of LP that I’d lump in with other albums that perhaps pick at the scabs of post-modernism but you don’t need to have read Deleuze & Guattari to enjoy—Asphixiation, Exek, Cured Pink, Mosquitoes, etc.
-Mitch (Repressed Records)