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Schkeuditzer Kreuz - Isolated and Alone LP

Schkeuditzer Kreuz - Isolated and Alone LP

Bad Habit Records

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From Bad Habit Records... Punk was originally made by bored teenagers yelling about injustice and yelling about being bored and just yelling for the sake of it. What happens when punks have been yelling for 30 years, vocal cords shredded, boredom replaced with exhaustion, despair that all the yelling in the world hasnt had any impact on a world getting more unjust, more cruel, more darkly absurd. What happens when the punks are the punch line of this unfunny joke?
Schkeuditzer Kreuz is the realization that there is no light in the tunnel at all. Its just running in pitch darkness to the point of collapse til a train comes, then pressing your body against a dirty stone wall hoping there's enough space so the train doesn't mangle your weak body. The only light you see is brief glimpses into the carriages where some sort of grotesque royalty gorge themselves on pheasant and roasted children.

Isolated and Alone is 8 songs of bleak industrial punk.