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Rosali - No Medium LP

Rosali - No Medium LP


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Since hearing this latest Rosali album, I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t know about her solo work earlier, and have been raving about it all week!

Guitarist out of Philly trio Long Hots, this is her third solo LP this time around backed David Nance and his band. There’s moments that recall the basement country and soul lilt of Exile-era Stones, but really the rock’n’ll calling card her is Neil Young & Crazy Horse. An album that is ostensibly a singer-songwriter album, but with a killer backing band (& shredders galore!), that both foregrounds the songs and extends them. 

One to file alongside the recent Michael Beach LP or one for fans of crossover “indie rock/songwriter” (a genre signifier seems so middling and ungenerous… but this is anything but) acts like Sharon Van Etten or Julia Jacklin with crystalline vocals and rock solid song craft.