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Perspex - Perspex  7"

Perspex - Perspex 7"

No Patience

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Without making some corny and tribalistic declaration of their being a New Sydney Style of Hardcore, there’s a nugget of truth in there. There is some unifying and hard to quantify approach to 21st Century Punk that mystically links this record to essential 2020 long players from Oily Boys and Concrete Lawn.

To be honest I think Sydney NOT being a "arts/cultural hub", for punk or otherwise has something to do with it. Maybe I'm out of touch but there's not much social capital to accumulate here, a very short ladder to climb, and thank heck for that.

Perspex have signed a non-alignment pact and are looking for a third way outside of Hardcore-for-Hardcore and Mysterious-Guy Hardcore (note: this is how people over 30s say Egg versus Chain Punk). They draw from different bits of punk/HC history, without falling into the trappings of over-curation and inorganic aesthetic sculpting prominent in the age of the information overload.

You could draw a line back to Damaged-into-My War era Black Flag, Life’s Blood, early Touch & Go releases and a touch of Xclaim thuggery, with the off-hinge instrumentation and “sonic” aspects balanced with a surprisingly staunch vocal performance from our Toto.

Loves it!!!
- Nic