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Miles Davis - In A Silent Way LP

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way LP

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I don’t think anyone had ever told me to specifically check out ‘In A Silent Way’ until local post-punk/jazz fusion musician Michael Grossman (of Den and duo with Jai Morris-Smith of Exek) expressed to me pre-xmas that it’s been one of his favourite pieces of music since he was a child.

I’m not sure how it had escaped my radar. In my mind it sat earlier in his chronology, whereas really Miles-Davis-In-The-70s starts in 1969. Over the last month of listening this album has made me appreciate that period even more as it widens the spectrum of the canon, almost acting like a beautiful and sedate precursor to the album Jack Johnson (1971).

Reading about producer Teo Macero’s pioneering editing techniques, essentially collaging the sub-20min piece of music that Davis insisted was the record into something Columbia Records would accept while also making it more woozy, unique and a sign of the future, very much added to my appreciation.

A weird comparison but the atmosphere here often reminds me of the post-Trad Blues, pre-Buckingham/Nicks period of Fleetwood Mac. Particularly the end of the Peter Green period but they pepper numerous albums with lovely airy instrumentals.. (note to self: I need to go on my Fleetwood Mac Non-Alignment pact rant/review soon!)

I see why it’s reputation is somewhat eclipsed by the big, funky, psychedelic middle fingers that’re around the corner but trust me you are in for a treat here! I’ll take it over Bitches Brew. - Nic