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Mick Trouble - It's Mick Trouble's Second LP

Mick Trouble - It's Mick Trouble's Second LP

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Following on from the success of the critics and fans favorite 2019 Debut LP, the maverick tunesmith Mick Trouble returns to the fold with 12 solid "A"s.

"It's Mick Trouble's Second LP" is 2022s "Doing it for the Kids" - an eloquent exercise in pop perfectionism. "A joyous listen that harks back to the late 70's and especially the golden era of the Television Personalities" (Flying Nun Records, NZ)

Mick Trouble's known associates include cult guitar pop outfit My Teenage Stride and cultish short scale guitar pop outfit / Slumberland Records roster members of Jeanines. Mick writes songs about class warfare, Iron Ladies, and Hadrian's Wall. Nobody has seen him in public for several decades, as far as you know.

"Filled to the brim with earworm melodies, killer basslines, magic harmonies and lyrics jam-packed with obscure British references sung in a chippy-chappy British accent." (Brooklyn Vegan)