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Malvern Brume - Tendrils LP

Malvern Brume - Tendrils LP


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Malvern Brume's Tendrils initially reminded me of two near end-of-existence releases from Kye Records, Graham Lambkin's 'Community' and Mark Vernon's 'Lend An Ear, Leave A Word'.

Mostly in the way that the album sculpts "that" (hard to describe) mode of domestic/public sphere field recordings into more shapely compositions.

Brume bends/blends environmental and synthesized sounds in ways that feel somewhere between Daphne Oram's Radiophonic miniatures and Michael Ranta's musical cosmogony.

Sometimes it's as if he's trying to summarise a sprawling Taj Mahal Travellers jam in 6 minutes. Deep listening made easy.
- Nic