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La Ligne Claire – Chéri LP

La Ligne Claire – Chéri LP

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There’s some seriously throwaway craziness on this mini-lp. Punk is obviously the background for this music, though La Ligne Claire were not born when French hardcore punkers Lucrate Milk were wrapping sellotape around their heads in early 1980s videos. Chéri’s ramshackle beats are drawn more from African music than Amphetamines. – Clive Bell (The Wire)

If I hadda do any strong comparisons I could dish out names like Theoretical Girls and maybe even those hoary old Godz, but La Ligne Claire are different. There does seem to be the spark of innocence and youth that will probably get wooshed away as the hard slam o’ reality finally sinks in, but the spazz joy and Velvet-y drive is enough to have one thinking Jonathan Richman ’72 meets Arto Lindsay ’77, and that’s a pretty heady equation in itself! – Chris Stigliano (Blog to Comm)

these two women and two men are in the process of writing their own musical language out of some fairly warped parts. – Doug Mosurock (Still single)