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Edenic Past - Red Amarcord LP

Edenic Past - Red Amarcord LP

Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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Sentient Ruin Laboratories is an Oakland based label specialising in music on the outer fringe of Metal. It's not just a case of pure extremity but because many of their releases find a bewildering and unique sonic space within the spectrum of Metal. 

Edenic Past are no exception. Their debut album Red Amarcord is bound to isolate just about everyone with a dazzling mix of overly complex musicality and gurgling primitiveness. Brutal Technical Death Metal from members of  Krallice and Encenathrakh that also sounds nice on the wrong speed. 
- Nic


American technical brutal death metal absurdity Edenic Past join Sentient Ruin for a vinyl release of their synapse-twisting first ever LP Red Amarcord. Formed by Colin Marston and Nicholas McMaster of Krallice fame along with vocalist Paulo Paguntalan of Encenathrakh, on the surreal debut offering Edenic Past unfold an absurd and ultra-brutal hallucination of futuristic aural atavism that touches lows of knuckle-dragging sonic primitivism and brutality and peaks of masterful ambient avant-garde deconstructionism that will be both too much to handle or understand for the average “slam” knuckle brains, and too fucking brutal and ignorant for the average elitist prog nerd. Perhaps standing as the most imaginative and visionary “slamming” technical brutal death metal releases ever conceived, with Red Amarcord Edenic Past redefine the outer limits of brutal death metal and set an unprecedented foot in the future for the genre.