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Dead Hands Dig Deep DVD

Dead Hands Dig Deep DVD

Urge Records

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Thirty-eight-year-old Edwin Borsheim of the band Kettle Cadaver was once known for his bizarre stage antics and brutal self-mutilation. Now, years after the band's demise, Borsheim has fallen into complete seclusion on his acre of land in which he is surrounded by many of the horrible things he has created. As Edwin spirals further into a hole of drug abuse and self-destruction, those closest to Borsheim dissect his mental complexes as he himself reflects on his dark past. Although Borsheim finds himself trapped in his own home, he just may be saved by human interaction.

This is the original cut of the film that played in theaters before Edwin took his own life. There aren't many of these in existence so grab yours while you still can. Watch the trailer here:

Directed by Jai Love (Urge Records co-head honcho, Tube Alloys, Nuclear Family)
Produced by Spencer Heath
Music by Spencer Heath & Jeremiah Weber (The Coltranes, Spyroids, Nasa Space Universe, Utopian, Lux Decay)