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Coloured Balls - Ball Power LP (50th Anniversary Edition)

Coloured Balls - Ball Power LP (50th Anniversary Edition)

Just Add Water

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50th Anniversary Edition of this touchstone of Aussie Rock n Roll. This 1973 LP should need no introduction. Just in case it does, it's simply one of the finest albums to ever come out of Australia.

COLOURED BALLS are the godfathers of Aussie punk, hard rock, psychedelic boogie, etc. They played too many different styles to be just any one thing. Lobby, Bobsie, Trevor, and Janis created something very special with this album and it sounds as fresh and vital as the date it was originally released.

This pressing has been painstakingly sourced directly from the 1973 quarter inch mix-down master tapes and sounds incredible. This has been an entirely analog production chain and hasn't been touched by a computer at any stage of the process. Hear Coloured Balls as nature intended. - Just Add Wateer

Includes bonus poster. Black vinyl edition.