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C. Joynes - Poor Boy On The Wire LP

C. Joynes - Poor Boy On The Wire LP

Sophomore Lounge

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On the surface, it’d be easy to consider this C Joynes record as yet another solo guitar album in a post-Jack Rose/John Fahey continuum, and in some ways it is. But with every listen, Joynes’ Poor Boy On The Wire seems to extend beyond the norms and cliches of this world. 

An album of electric guitar explorations that draw from the blues, UK folk music, and further abroad in a manner that tone-wise, is pretty rough around the edges with gear being pushed out to overdriven limits. On top of all this is a with a doubling of both the electric signal and the picking hand and a heavy dose of amp tremolo, that to my mind/ear draws (and maybe this is an over-wrought connection) a link between the phasing explorations of minimalist composers to the playing of other contemporary solo guitarists like Bill Orcutt.