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Bobby Would - Rips & Folds CS

Bobby Would - Rips & Folds CS

Altered States Tapes

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Bobby Would, the anglo-friendly nom de plume of Berliner Robert Pawliczek, is as beautifully eclectic within it’s own confines as Pawliczek’s breadth of projects are outside of it.

Would’s World Wide World LP, released on Low Company in 2021, is heat-fried pop. 
The Would on show in Rips & Folds is his more abstracted and introspected side. Less immediately open, but no less inviting once you spend some time in its company.

Originally conceived and made available digitally for Viennese podcast series Struma+Iodine in 2021, R & F finds a rightful place here on spools of cassette tape. Would knits long, immersive threads of looped minimalism by way of his mangling, sampling and recontextualising of 50’s / 60’s Rn’B and exotica as sound sources. The b-side culminates in a sublime moment of Rileyian brain-tingling trance. 

The companion piece to Rips & Folds will be available on LP in the nearish future. Expect more from Bobby Would via AST, in the furtherish future (hopefully). - Altered States Tapes