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Blue Chemise - Flower Studies LP

Blue Chemise - Flower Studies LP


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Blue Chemise invert their previous mode of operation on ‘Flower Studies’. Simple piano refrains take the forefront with the additional atmosphere (hums, hisses, could-be manipulated tape, synth or field recording) sitting behind.

At some points I could imagine these recordings turning towards Flaming Tunes style oddball pop ditties, but ultimately I’m glad these 8 pieces float and drift along as they do. As Mitch mentioned in our last blog entry, there’s a meditative Satie-esque quality here.

- Nic (Repressed Records)


“Flower Studies”, the enchanting third album by Australia’s Blue Chemise, consists of eight intimate, delicate and touching ‘études’, reflecting Mark Gomes’ introspective musings on a series of floral studies by 19th-century French photographer Adolphe Braun (1812-1877).

Behold whither eventually
Imposing sounds and a grandiose bleakness
Majestic flowers in centuries-old photographs
And silences where heather grows

No story, only depictions of flowers
Nature filtered through a temperament
The suggestion of poetical ideas
Nature draws the imagination to infinity

Paysages composés
Like beautiful melodies
Nature’s great harmony
Is that of an immense and divine keyboard

The diffused freshness of budding greenery
A cult for flowers
Privately eavesdropping on nature
To hear the voices of the trees

— Mark Gomes (Blue Chemise)