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Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Ready For Boredom LP

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Ready For Boredom LP

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I swear Nic didn’t put me up to this post, but he did find a couple of warehouse copies of the BWBB’s classic Ready For Boredom at an equally of the time price point!

I can’t exactly remember how I came across it way back when (a Mess+Noise or Polaroids of Androids review perhaps?) but it left an indelible mark on late-teens/early-20s me. Here was a group of guys doing Replacements-style rock (as overused as that comparison has been, I still reckon it’s worthwhile!) without the weird rock star posturing of so much of the rock revival of the preceding decade, while also being in touch with Feelings and Emotions without delving into “woe is me” mopey guy territory.

Still the bar for a great rock record in my mind and one I reckon I’m gonna chuck on this arvo once Nic heads home…