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番長 Taste - 番長 Taste 7"

番長 Taste - 番長 Taste 7"

I Dischi Del Barone

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Beauty of a 7" from Mark Anderson (Greymouth, Suishou No Fune), Anthony Guerra (Love Chants, Mysteries of Love), and the mysterious Mariyo on second guitar. Recorded in Tokyo 2009, this single takes the airy, spacious side of Japanese Psych (for lack of a better term) and the Xpressway/Dead C edge-of-rock thing, but sped up to a frantic jangly rock 'n' roll pace.

Kind of reminds me of my off-centre bootleg of pre-Isn't Anything My Bloody Valentine EPs (ya know their fast, catchy, violent period), Bo Diddley via The Double, Nocturnal Projections and one of those abandoned Korea Undok Group associated 'post punk' tracks. Experience the flavour of 番長 Taste today! - Nic

番長 Taste  -  番長 Taste 7" (I Dischi Del Barone, 2022) $14.95