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The 2010s Nostalgia Nook

Ah yes, that slightly less turbulent period after the Global Financial Crisis and before The Novel Coronavirus. Remember blogging, Occupy Wall Street, skinny jeans and the Australian Garage Rock Revival? Good times? I’ll let you decide. Lockdown spring cleaning has unveiled copies of local independent music milestones of the era. This month we’re celebrating the fantastic Pet Shop Boys meets Kitchen’s Floor synth pop sound of Sex Tourists and a slew of releases from the label you love to hate, RIP Society. See a disparate mix of iconic garage/punk and avant-garde attempts to diversify the roster. Circle PitStraight Arrows (the limited ‘Juvenile society’ collaborative repress), Constant MongrelRed Red KrovvyLove Chants and Half High. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s more unearthing to be done!