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In the words of Austin Powers, "Whooptydoo. But what does it all mean Basil??” Can I derive any musical themes or trends from 2021 from this list? None that I can see. It feels like I’ve reconnected with some musical traditions that were real epiphanies for a younger me. I can also see familiar faces in the list doing new projects that build on their previous mode of operation, or diverged from it quite dramatically. In times hostile to creativity,  fortunately it continues! 

(Pssst click the titles to see what we've said about each release thought the year)


Chateau - I CS (Hideotic)


C.I.A. Debutante - Dust LP   

Destrifan - Fantasies CS (Knotwilg Records)  


Emily Robb - How To Moonwalk LP (Petty Bunco)


Jana Rush - Painful Enlightenment 2LP (Planet Mu) 


Monica Brooks - You'll Sit On This Stone LP (Bedroom Suck) 


Roadhouse - Supernatural XS LP & Aladdin Sales LP (Sophomore Lounge)  


Succumb - XXI CD / LP (The Flenser)  


Voice Imitator - Plaza LP (12XU)   


Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Barn LP (Neil Young Archives)


Hypnotizing Chickens - (I'm On) Time 7" 


Mosquitoes - Reverse Drift 12” (Knotwilg Records) 


Rabid Beast - Rabid Beast CD (Unspeakable Axe Records)


Red Wine And Sugar - Benchmarks/Stark CD (Ongoing Discipline) 


SSRi - Nice Life 7" (Filthkick Records)  


Birds Of Maya - Valdez LP (Drag City)


The Embarrassment – Death Travels West LP (Last Laugh)  


John Coltrane - A Love Supreme: Live In Seattle 2LP (Impulse)  


Graham Lambkin - Solos 4LP Box Set (Blank Forms Editions) 


Spike In Vain - Disease Is Relative LP (Scat) 

For better or worst the song I have thought about most in 2021 are Hall & Oates - Italian Girls. I’m not sure why this song has dominated my mind but the lyrics, “I drink I drink I drink too much vino rosso no more amarone. I eat I eat I eat so much pasta basta I'm so full and yet so lonely” never failed to get rid of the pandemic blues! Enjoy this homemade video to the said song...