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Sophomore Lounge

(Maybe you read about this in our newsletter from a few weeks ago? We are trying a new format for our website and so we’re testing it with some content from that newsletter. Apologies for the double up. From next week it will be all new content! If you didn’t read that newsletter then please read on as we talk about one of our favourite labels to import from recently.)

Sophomore Lounge are a label that by no means stays in it’s lane, but swerves through the American underground joining the dots between seemingly disparate points, always great to get a bunch of new releases and restocks back in the store! Recently arrived offerings include slowcore country rock from Footings, nostalgic country rock from Little Gold, the driving and expansive fuzzed out indie rock of Wren Kitz, a kind of Meat Puppets meets sometime Deadhead offering from Frank & The Hurricanes, and a instrumental ambientish electronic album from Marc Riordan (with a great hype sticker suggesting this is the sound of Morton Feldman composing the Twin Peaks soundtrack), as well as restocks of State ChampionWarren Winters BandPeople Skills , and DJ Hank.

More from the label on their way in the coming months including a restock of the killer Styrofoam Winos LP and new releases from Warmer Milks, Equipment Pointed Ankh, and Roadhouse. For a full list of what we currently have in stock from these guys go here