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Vampire - What Seems Forever Can Be Broken LP

Vampire - What Seems Forever Can Be Broken LP

Televised Suicide

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“The greatest anarcho band that exists currently”, says Televised Suicide, and who am I to argue with this esteemed Perth label? I don’t have enough insight into the current anarchosphere to argue but can’t think of a modern album in the Corpus Christi/Crass Records spirit I’ve enjoyed this much other than Subdued - Over The Hills And Far Away.

The musical dynamic of Vampire is refreshingly bare bones, a powerful but neutral sounding recording with very little embellishment or stylised production to hide behind. In a quantised world an endearing amount of human spirit can be heard via their strained and eerily melodic expressions.

I love the positive worldbuilding message ‘What Seems Forever Can Be Broken’ especially when it’s so easy to reach for some reiteration of ‘the f*cking c*nts treat us like pricks’ (which also remains true). - Nic