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The Native Cats - The Way On Is the Way Off LP

The Native Cats - The Way On Is the Way Off LP

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Happy (Lou Bega voice) *album numba fiiiiiveee* release day for The Native Cats! Even as a longtime fan and advocate of Native Cats awareness I'm still unravelling layers and hearing new things in their previous recordings. If you're looking for wild proclamations on release day (currently on listen #3), look elsewhere!

I will say it's their "I just found the most perfect jacket" record. 'The Way On Is the Way Off' confidently sees The Native Cats reach for the most ground and permits embellishment without muddying up the parameters of restraint and nuance the duo embodies.

A real sense of care and deep thought in these songs delivers rich and open imagery while also boldly containing the personal. Yes, you can be this multifaceted within a minimalist post-punk-ish framework.- Nic