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Th Blisks - How So? LP

Th Blisks - How So? LP

Altered States Tapes

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Yuta Matsumura (Low Life, Oily Boys), Amelia Besseny (Troth, Impatiens) and Cooper Bowman (Tsap, Troth) are Th Blisks. After many enjoyable plays and positive feelings I'm still struggling to come up with a adequate endorsement.

I can't bring myself to type "underground favs go Trip Hop / Illbient' with a straight face, although it does paint a bit of the picture.

There's a blurring of textural sounds and pop songs. Th Blisks unique blend being an intimate bedroom band with tasteful drum loops, sampler usage and dubbed out production. Yuta and Amelia's voices are really beautiful together, as is the melodica.

A few names that came to me when listening to Th Blisks: Sakamoto / Slyvian, Robert Turman, Dean Blunt, Primitive Motion. - Nic