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Soda Eaves - Like Drapes Either Side / Murray, Darling CD

Soda Eaves - Like Drapes Either Side / Murray, Darling CD

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The solo-ish project of Jake Core (Blue Divers, Hot Palms), these two LPs have long been out of print on his own excellent Brierfield Flood label (home of releases by Hana Stretton, Maxine Funke, Little Wings, Jordan Ireland, etc).

Impressionistic and surreal songs that lurch and hum and shimmer within an enveloping tape warmth. Softly sung in an almost whisper up against the cracked sounds of guitars pushing the headroom of practice amps, Soda Eaves evokes the humid tropics of Far North Queensland, ghosts of Anais Nin, the simultaneous longing and excitement of new love, and the comfort of being dry inside as it relentlessly pores outside.

FFO: all the above mentioned acts, Grouper, Lower Plenty, Antony Milton, Mick Turner, hell, even Neil Young!