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Slim Guerilla - Blue Light Cemetary LP

Slim Guerilla - Blue Light Cemetary LP

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When Mitch put on the new Kim Gordon record yesterday for a minute I thought it was this here Slim Guerilla LP. Both records, and let’s be clear, a large chunk of popular music from the last 15 years, have borrowed from the rich history of Southern Hip Hop.

A music that was relegated to its region by the music industry for a loooooong time, it’s negative legacy and co-option can be heard as royalty free trap beats in the background of inane youtubers vlogs everywhere.

On the other hand, Slim Guerilla - Blue Light Cemetary LP is a positive continuation of his Southern Hip Hop legacy. There’s a classic, rough n’ ready Memphis and Houston mixtape feeling but within the grit and haze I can feel a subtle nod to the up-tempo energy of New Orleans Bounce and Miami Bass. - Nic