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Sin Tax - Abnegation 7" EP

Sin Tax - Abnegation 7" EP

Miracle Cortex

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100% swag free, non-streetwear aligned, actively anonymous (not in the Guy Fawkes mask way, as in devoid from cultivating a big persona way) RAGING HARDCORE PUNK!

I am not qualified to comment on which 1980s Italiano group they most sound like but I reckon you could slip them onto a dub of Roir Records World Class Punk compilation (1984) without raising an eyebrow.

That meaning Sin Tax has a flavour reminiscent of the international melting pot period of punk where mucho regional flavour and youthful creativity blossomed within the parameters of Hardcore.

While Sin Tax claims to be “Hardcore for dumb cunts” and their strengths lie in the embrace of an unhinged instinctual fury (as opposed to executionism), their “aesthetic” choices, decisions made regarding paper stock/ink/fold lines, and the information that was purposely omitted, strengthen my immense enjoyment of this horrible record! - Nic