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Blow Blood

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With my tongue partially in my cheek I’ve referred to OSBO as Sydney’s most authentic current early US Hardcore Punk style band.

I say this not because they’re the most scholarly execution of one of the most fruitful and exciting creative periods in North American music, but because they capture a certain messy and unbridled energy, an intuitive and non-curated approach with plenty of room for unique character within a narrow set of musical parameters.

It’s the sound of disenfranchised youth at the beginning of the Reagan presidency recaptured by a bunch of 30+ Sydney normies, only one of which has any past resume in Hardcore. In OSBO, there’s hope for all of us.

In the label press release Professor Moose refers to OSBO as, “a lone pillar between the lo-fidelity pop-laden leanings of Gee Tee, Satanic Togas, RMFC et al. and the slick mainstream hardcore juggernauts of Speed”. An interesting interstate perspective for sure!

It’d like to suggest two other poles of contemporary HC they thankfully avoid: the “Aren’t I a crazy ass lil’ gremlin”-core and the “Most authentically Hardcore & very insecure about it”-core. - Nic