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Milk Music - First Demo +1 12"

Milk Music - First Demo +1 12"

L.G. Records

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While I’m yet to have my “born again Deadhead” moment (I’m sure it’ll come soon enough…) listening obsessively to Milk Music the last few months has given me a taste of what it would be like to analyse the differing permutations and versions of tracks across releases, from the Mystic 100s LP back to the Beyond Living CD and now delving even further back with a repress of the 2009 First Demos tape.

All the hits from this first iteration of the band and here played cracked, dark, lo fi, and hard. Hints of the careening guitars and slower motion jams abound, but by and large this is a heavier, punk leaning affair, jamming in 6 tracks onto a 12” 45rpm record rather than jamming them out. One for the Milk Music/Mystic 100s heads as well as those who prickle at the mention of Deadheads alike.