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Meat Puppets - II LP

Meat Puppets - II LP

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Like (I assume) so many before me, I first came across the Meat Puppets after they appeared along side Nirvana during the Unplugged special. But man, did scoring a CD of their II really expand my cloistered Catholic school boy mind.

Silly, lackadaisical, and surreal, the songs seem to begin and end of their own accord, or would fold in on themselves, pointing out that the next line wouldn’t rhyme (or leaving out lines altogether). Thinking back, it was probably also the first time I heard real-deal red eyed stoned out shredding, leaving the wispy entendres (all that crapping on about ‘Mary Jane’) and noodling of the classic rock dogs dead to me (for a while). 

Thanks Kurt, long live the Meat Puppets!