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The Lewers - 518A LP

The Lewers - 518A LP

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A couple of months on from its release I’m still stumped at how to express my love for The Lewers. Especially considering I want to express that it’s something more than the subcultural capital that can easily be evoked via associated acts and cultural institutions.

How do I say that this isn’t another trinket to fill the void of existence for NTS listening mid-30s good taste havers? Everything I could write feels like it’s pandering to the current comfort zone that is “dubwise-avant-pop”. Xpressway, Flaming Tunes, Cleaners From Venus, Hydroplane blah blah blah... I’ve royally screwed up this write up. I’m stuffed, sorry Lewers.

I should just say that this record is the best. It’s a Sydney record, made by people who have maintained an oblivion to micro trends and pecking orders. They’ve created their own little song-world that’s very open. I can hear moments of the members’ musical voices from past projects, but in the real spirit of creative collaboration it becomes its own thing

What else? I’m so glad Sarah’s singing is in the world, it’s so nice. I don’t feel stupid referencing The Cannanes. That’s it, buy it. - Nic