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Kriegshög - Love & Revenge LP

Kriegshög - Love & Revenge LP

La Vida Es Un Mus

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An absolute no-brainer for those who know, but those who don’t Kriegshög are a Hardcore Punk band from Tokyo. It’s their first album in 14 years. While I’m a fan of the loose and spontaneous approach to Haredcore Punk, the refinement and superhumanness here is also very much appreciated! While there’s a Japanese scene and tradition they’re a part of, outside of that I’m reminded of Impaler’s almost scholarly HC perfection and Poison Idea’s transition from the best punk band to the best punk rock ‘n’ roll band. - Nic


KRIEGSHÖG is back. Five years after their last single and 14 since their debut album, the Tokyo Hardcore band finally delivers a new release.

Love and Revenge is a record of consummate savagery and monster riffs. Picking up where Paint It Black 7” left, and moving forward as a heavy toned hardcore record that finds the band in its own realm. While following the Japanese tradition of long running bands operating at their own pace and mastering their sound along the way. The band leave behind their speedier sound, moving now at a slower tempo but still pummelling their riffing sound. The incorporation of a new drummer, adds much more than a steady beat, amplifying the KRIEGSHÖG sonic experience. Their sound is bass-driven to the point of near hypnosis, becoming quasi-psychedelic at times. The guitar tone is a nasty crunch and the vocal delivery has only got more brutal, with a glass eating demon on the mic conjuring the darkest side of your soul. Perfect for night rides into the abyss.

Their influences are still there. With KURO, ZOUO or THE CLAY shaking hands with the darkest 70’s hard rock via JERUSALEM and modern stoner rock via KYUSS or SLEEP. And the band motto still remains the same… PLAY LOUD AND DIE. - La Vida Es Un Mus