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Kath Bloom - Long Way To Go Home 7"

Kath Bloom - Long Way To Go Home 7"


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I’ve got this running theory that hardcore is just a type of folk music, and maybe just as the 7” is the perfect hardcore format, a couple of recent releases have got me thinking that maybe it’s also a great folk format?

The latest 7” from US stalwart Kath Bloom sees her alongside longtime collaborator David Shapiro (Alexander, Headroom, Center). Mournful and gentle songs with Bloom’s voice at it’s fragile-yet-powerful best. The stripped back nature of these recordings are going to garner comparisons to her work with Loren Connors, but Shapiro’s guitar playing is something else here; a counterpoint to Bloom that intricately ducks and weaves through her own guitar playing. 

-Mitch (Repressed Records)