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Idea Fire Company - Bathroom Electronics LP

Idea Fire Company - Bathroom Electronics LP

Horn Of Plenty

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Straight-up, like, for real, I'm ride-or-die for Idea Fire Company! They're a foundational leg for a particular idiosyncratic, unaligned "experimental" music zone that'd include keywords like The Shadow Ring, Kye, Penultimate Press, Recital, Regional Bears, Discreet Music and Horn Of Plenty (who released this record).

Formed 35 years ago by core members Scott Foust and Karla Borecky, Idea Fire Company practice what some have called radical and uncompromising (I'd add correct and unsullied) approach to avant-garde music.

Their latest, 'Bathroom Electronics' is what it says: synthesizers played and recorded live in a bathroom. No sequencing or overdubs in typical IDFCO fashion. The space/place/human aspects being the key to the engagingness and sheer vibe of the group. There's something defiant and romantic about the Idea Fire Company, a quality I wish I found more often in life. - Nic