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Hana Stretton - Soon LP

Hana Stretton - Soon LP

Brierfield Flood Press

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Hana Stretton’s fantastic debut LP, ‘Soon,’ brings the folky pastoralism of Vashti Bunyan into a more contemporary and mediated setting. There’s also an in-the-studio construction to the album that weaves together different audio fidelities, vocal treatments, and recording environments in a manner that reminds me of Astrid Oster Mortensen’s work. Field recordings of boots on gravel or panting dogs provide the ground upon which beautiful folk songs replete with lyrical piano phrases and inviting (sometimes soul-inflected) vocals drift across.

A collection of songs that harks back to lots of folk favourites but with a contemporary approach. Highly recommended for fans of Maxine Funke, Grouper, Jordan Ireland, or even the latest Big Thief album.