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Glands Of External Secretion - Neck Pillow LP

Glands Of External Secretion - Neck Pillow LP


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A Siltbreeze stamp of approval on the sleeve and a RIYL in the press release for Swell Maps’ Whatever Happens Next, Wire’s Document & Eyewitness, Richard Nixon’s The Watergate Tapes - you better believe I was checking out Glands Of External Secretion’s latest LP.

And in a way that kind of undersells it.  The duo employ a totally irreverent approach to music making and sound arranging. Hints of Bradbury-era Severed Heads tape tomfoolery meet Akio Suzuki-esque musicalisation of domestic squeaks and dings, to distantly spacialised drum and guitar sounds and a drowsily poetic “cover” of Spandau Ballet’s ‘True.’

All that to say that Neck Pillow evades a lot of the staid “sound design” or over theorised approach to so much tape and experimental music of recent years!