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Edsel Axle - Variable Happiness LP

Edsel Axle - Variable Happiness LP

Worried Songs

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Rosali’s No Medium LP has been a favourite among all of us at Repressed since its release a couple of years back, so her first album of new material since then has been highly anticipated around these parts!

Where her previous album rested on the strength of her songs and the killer backing band, the Edsel Axle project centres around her criminally underrated guitar playing in a manner that slots in to the current wave of electric guitar-only instrumental albums by the likes of Bill Orcutt and Emily Robb.

Two sides of hazy meditations centred on tape loops, 4-track overdubs, reverb, and tremelo with drifting lyrical melodies. As though Mick Turner of the Dirty Three was collaborating with Michael Morley of the Dead C, with hints of Yuzo Iwata’s Siltbreeze record, Roy Montgomery, and the New Haven-based guitar work of Stefan Christensen and Kryssi Battalene. 

If you’ve read this far…. Can someone also please throw some cash at Rosali to tour out to Oz already!