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Chloé Thévenin & Pete Harden - Static Shot 12"

Chloé Thévenin & Pete Harden - Static Shot 12"

Lumiere Noire

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From press release... Static Shot is a choreographic project by Maud Le Pladec conceived for the dancers of the CCN-Ballet de Lorraine.

In Static Shot, everything tells the story of the excess of bodies and their relationship to the music of Chloé and Pete Harden. Like a permanent climax, the 24 dancers of the Ballet de Lorraine hold this culminating point together, the energy always having to be at its zenith. The piece, composed of an accumulation of "blocks" of bodies, images and sounds, plays with the codes of dance alternating between gestures from "pop" culture and "learned" culture.

"This presser doesn't tell you much about the music... From the excerpts I've heard online, the 12" seems to cover a hell of a lot of ground, from Tim Hecker-esque ambient to industrial techno to procedural electronic music, a real trip!"